Muscle Support Stack - Golden Era Muscle
Muscle Support Stack - Golden Era Muscle
Muscle Support Stack - Golden Era Muscle

Muscle Support Stack

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We want to take your muscle building to the next level and have you try any one of our stacks for 30 days. If you don't love it, simply contact the team and we'll happily refund you.

Rebalance Your Estrogen-Testosterone Ratio
& Reduce/Prevent Man-Boobs

You might be carrying around extra water weight or fat, and you are not sure where it came from - or maybe you’re going through some “emotional changes”…

The problem is, any time you are raising your testosterone, your body starts to balance the extra testosterone with a gains-killing reaction called Estrogen Rebound.

Simply put, your body tries to balance your testosterone by converting it into estrogen. Yes, you read that correctly – your body converts testosterone directly into estrogen.

So the sad fact is, unless you do something about it: the more testosterone you have in your body, the more estrogen you will have later on.

And estrogen does just the opposite of testosterone. It reduces your muscle definition, makes you retain more water, and gives you a more feminine body.

Like… Man boobs.

Estrogen even leads to an increase in cortisol, which actually eats your muscles and promotes weight gain.

Estrogen will slowly erode all of your gains and eat your muscles, giving you a smoother appearance until you have nothing left and all your gains have dissolved into a nice fatty blob.

Ultimately, excess estrogen can actually UNDO everything you’ve been working for in the gym just as quickly as testosterone helped you build it.

But there is a way to stop ALL of this in its tracks – with Arimidione.

Get More Out Of All Of Your Hormones And Supplements With Arimidione

Arimidione’s main ingredient – Acacetin "4'-methoxy-5,7-dihydroxyflavone" - inhibits Aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, it effectively STOPS the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, killing excessive estrogen.

This makes Arimidione an essential addition to any stack.

By lowering your estrogen, Arimidione also increases the amount of testosterone that your body is able to produce naturally or with supplements. So it will help you see the absolute BEST results from your other supplements and drastically increase the gains you see from your time spent in the gym.

And when you are coming off of a cycle of hormones, you NEED Arimidione to prevent the worst case scenario of estrogen rebound. In fact, your danger of developing gynecomastia (man-boobs) from excess estrogen is the greatest during that time.

The best way to prevent that from happening is to use Arimidione while you are still on your hormone cycle, and continuing to use it while you are coming off.

Yes, Arimidione prevents man-boobs. PLUS much, much more.

…And Maintain Your Gains Forever With Our Cycle Support Supplement

Whether you are ending your hormone cycle or still on it, it is a good idea to support your body with our cycle support supplement that provides crucial assistance to your metabolism in three ways:

- Estro-Control Blend – This helps to control your estrogen levels. Especially when you want to come off of a cycle, you NEED estrogen control to prevent unwanted weight gain, water retention, muscle catabolism and gynecomastia.

- Test Support Blend – This helps to support your testosterone levels naturally so that in addition to preventing the creation of estrogen, you can allow your testosterone to thrive.

- Liver Support Blend – Your liver has to process everything you put in your body, including supplements and testosterone. Supporting your liver with the compounds it needs will help prevent any possibility of long-term damage and help your body “Bounce Back” without seeing lasting side-effects.

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What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
If you are not satisfied and don't see results with Arimidione + Cycle Support after first month, you can return it anytime within 60 days of the purchase and we will give you a full refund and you will get all your money back.

We are selling results, not just empty claims. You can order your Muscle Support Stack here stress-free.









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