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You need an edge on your competition….. insanely rock hard muscles straight out of the Golden Era, intense show-winning vascularity, and swollen pumped up muscles that look – and feel – amazing.

You need an edge in your strength and in the intensity of your workouts that will help you feel motivated, focused and more aggressive during your workouts – so you can be in the zone.

Imagine even being able to lose more fat while gaining more lean mass, watching your muscles grow practically right before your eyes, and reducing your water retention - all at the same time.

Imagine feeling great the whole time as you get into better competition shape than you have ever been before.

That would be great, wouldn’t it? But right now…

You have to work super hard just to make modest improvements in any one of these areas, much less all at the same time.

The occasions where you feel a great muscle pump are few and far between, and you have never reached the point Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about when he says a good muscle pump is better than an orgasm.

The honest truth?

Arnold was on steroids, just like most bodybuilders in the golden era were. And the explosion of bodybuilding in the 1990’s was in part due to the results those bodybuilders got from taking the main active ingredient in the stack we are talking about today – Epiandrosterone or Epi-Andro.

Featuring The One LEGAL Steroid
That Will Give You Golden Era Gains

Up To 10X More Androgenic Than Testosterone…

And Completely Legal Due To Trace Amounts Being Found In Pine Trees
100 mg Epiandrosterone per 1ml application

Epi-Andro Will Help You Achieve Results Unlike Any Other Supplement

This isn’t like all the other garbage supplements out there that don’t work. This is a steroid that has been used by bodybuilders in the past to put on serious muscle at an extraordinary rate…

…And win competitions.

It is only legal because Epi-Andro is naturally occurring and can be found in pine trees. And man does this stuff WORK. Here’s how.

Epi-Androsterone is a direct precursor to Stanolone, AKA: Dihydrotestosterone.

Stanolone is one of the most powerful sexual hormones in your body and has an overall effect including better overall mood, increased aggressiveness and focus, better sex life and libido… In fact it is up to 10X more androgenic than testosterone.

And of course Epi-Andro leads to decreased body fat and water retention along with increased strength and RAPID muscle growth. If you’ve never taken a steroid of this potency then get ready for a totally new experience as your body kicks into high gear like a Golden Era Adonis.

…And oh, by the way! One of the added benefits is there are absolutely no injections necessary. You simply rub the Epi-Test MAX onto your forearms and it absorbs directly through your skin and into your bloodstream.

(100 mg Epiandrosterone per 1ml application, 50ml bottle size.)

The Full Stack With Methyl-Test Gives You The Ultimate Competitive Edge

The Methyl-Test supplement we are including in the Alpha Test Stack give your body the full testosterone support it needs to create a pro-testosterone environment.

It promotes higher testosterone levels in multiple ways. With the combination of Stanolone and your testosterone levels both being elevated, your results will be even better than if you just take one or the other.

What Are Others Saying About This Stack?

Lets hear directly from athletes that have used Epi-Test Max + Methyl Test...

When You Take This Stack, Get Ready For:

- Increased muscle hardness and improved muscle definition

- Increased protein synthesis and the ability to grow muscle more quickly

- Quicker and easier fat loss – even the ability to drop body fat % and increase lean muscle at the same time.

- Natural sense of motivation, no more needing to “dig deep” as much, feeling naturally intense and focused for your workouts

- Dramatic increase in libido and overall feeling of wellbeing

- Extra strength and increase in the quality of your muscle pumps

- Water loss from decreased estrogen in your body

- Winning competitions left and right!

- Of course, non-liver toxic and the highest quality available

You probably want to know…

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
If you are not satisfied and don't see results with Epi-Test + Methyl Test after first month, you can return it anytime within 60 days of the purchase and we will give you a full refund and you will get all your money back.

We are selling results, not just empty claims. You can order your Epi-Test bottle here stress-free.


(100 mg Epiandrosterone per 1ml application, 50ml bottle size.)







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