Move over liver-toxic Anavar,
this natural ingredient is clean, legal & perfect for
increasing your strength and enhancing your muscle-gains

Don’t want to lose your muscle mass & strength when cutting, or want to increase your size and strength?

This plant-based natural-ingredient is NOT a pro-hormone (like Anavar) but it boosts your muscle growth & strength like one.

….without messing with your hormonal balance (so you won’t need a PCT with it)

….and without taxing your liver to work overtime (like Anavar does).

In 2007, Yahoo Sports! wrote a detailed article on NFL Quarterback Tim Couch. He had staged a impressive comeback after 4 years of struggling with his lack of arm-strength and shoulder-injury.

Tim Couch was the former Cleveland Browns QuarterBack who was their #1 draft pick in 1999, but was absolutely battered for five painful years after a rotator-cuff injury and repeatedly failed to succeed in the pre-season games and tryouts. The lack of strength in his shoulder was just not letting him shine.

Tim Couch with Cleveland Browns (Image source: CBS Sports)

4 years later, when he made an impressive comeback in 2007, the media, expectedly, was curious to dig about what made that possible. Tim Couch revealed in an interview later that the ‘elixir’ behind his physical recovery was a natural ingredient called Laxogenin, that his ‘nutritionist’, Brian Yusem had digged out for him (Laxogenin wasn’t available as a compound in the market at that time).

Seeing Tim Couch dropping to one knee, taking aim at the crossbar about 40 yards downfield and launching a football with the same arm that he once feared was damaged beyond repair, it was natural for those who watched him, to wonder more about this potent strength-boosting natural ingredient, laxogenin.

As the ball sailed towards the goalpost tracing a low arc, the curiosity grew over laxogenin and how it brought about the dramatic boost in Tim’s muscle-strength and how it accelerated his muscle-tissue growth and recovery from 4-year long shoulder injury.

Tim Couch signing an autograph in Bud Light’s 2016 NFL commercial (look at those ‘ceps)

In 2018, bodybuilders as well as the supplement companies have caught-on to this muscle-synthesis boosting natural ‘elixir’ and interest in using laxogenin for benefiting bodybuilders is rapidly growing.

Until recently, most bodybuilders working on building lean muscle-mass and wanting supplemental help with the muscle-growth process had only one potent choice: Anavar(Oxandrolone). Anavar has been proven to be effective in preserving muscle-loss during a cut, assisting in fat-loss and boosting physical performance.

Anavar however, is very taxing on your liver (as it forces the liver to go into overdrive to create enough enzymes to break it down). That’s why Anavar is an illegal steroid and expensive. Many bodybuilders still use it as a last resort as it is a powerful steroid.

Anavar, as all anabolic steroids, also suppresses your natural testosterone production(some studies show, by upto 40% !!). That makes it necessary for you to go through a post-cycle therapy(PCT). Laxogenin, on the other hand, is not a pro-hormone and hence, does not have any effect on your natural hormonal balance.

After a decade of experimentation by pioneering supplement-users and fascinated researchers, genuine Laxogenin compounds have finally arrived in the market, leaving behind the past when the only laxogenin products in the industry were adulterated and reliable research on the effects was little.

If you’re also focused on accelerating your muscle-growth & charging-up your strength but are wary of using illegal & potentially harmful substances like Anavar, you might have some questions in your mind about Laxogenin. I’ll clear ‘em up by telling you...

What is Laxogenin and how it supercharges muscle-synthesis & strength naturally?

After gathering all the reported effects from the trusted sources & anecdotal experiences of bodybuilders who tried laxogenin, laxogenin can be perfect for natural bodybuilders & athletes(as laxogenin doesn’t test positive in drug-tests) who want to keep their strength up and steroid-users who are off-cycle and don’t want to lose their muscle-mass gains.

  • Dramatic increase in Strength : means you can keep going to make 2 more reps

  • Add that extra mass : strength-boosting increases your volume & caloric intake

  • Fast Recovery from Sore Muscles & Hard Workout injuries : whether you consider post-workout muscle soreness as a badge of honor or sign of going too-hard, it surely is painful. Laxogenin helps your body in the torn muscle-fiber repair process and soothes your joints as well to make them feel more ‘fluid’.

  • No Liver-Toxic side-effects like Anavar

  • Laxogenin doesn’t need PCT (as it’s a natural ingredient not a prohormone and it doesn’t have any effect on your hormonal balance)

  • Natural, Clean and Legal

Laxogenin is a better, cleaner and natural alternative to Anavar for increasing strength, preserving the muscle-mass gains when you’re off-cycle and for fast recovery from workout injuries. But still you might come across some reviews on the internet forums claiming that Laxogenin didn’t work for them as well as they expected. So, I digged in their claims and compared them with the reviews of Laxogenin users who reported satisfactory benefits. This is when I found…..

The three critical Factors that make Laxogenin most effective for a bodybuilder:

  • The results takes more than a week to start showing up
Almost all the claims made by those who complained of Laxogenin being not effective were by users who had used it for less than a week. To be honest, Laxogenin follows a natural body-process and is not an immediate mass-booster like prohormones. So, your ‘size-gains’ will start showing up in the 2nd week or afterwards when your increased strength is transformed in visible muscle-growth.

A bodybuilder & YouTuber who had months earlier tossed laxogenin as something with which he ‘didn’t see much effect’, re-tried Laxogenin in September 2018 and said on his YouTube channel Lean Figure Army that the boost in his strength was noticeable and his tendonitis (torn muscle-fibers from workout) had a fast recovery when he was taking laxogenin but it needs to be taken for more than 2 weeks and the dosage needs to be sufficient. That brings us to next factor that is...

  • Dosage needs to be at the right amount

100mg is the sweet spot, as reported by satisfied laxogenin users.

Higher oral dosage at 200mg or more was reported to cause headaches but not for those who had taken laxogenin transdermally (via the skin).

But after all the digging around, what came out was that other duration & dosage, the real issue is…

  • Ingredient Absorption & Uptake in bloodstream needs to be high
The main reason why laxogenin products didn’t take off around 2010 was that laxogenin,
(like epicatechin), on its own, is poorly absorbed in the human body. As it passes the digestive tract, it gets degraded, losing most of its beneficial properties before it passes into the bloodstream and reaches its destination cells(to promote muscle-growth).

This makes it challenging for a supplement taken orally (powders, liquids, tablets, capsules, chewables, and gummy candies) to deliver its full therapeutic potential.
To offer its health-benefits, it needs to reach its target tissue of action. The solution for better absorption of laxogenin in the bloodstream, (as proven by both research studies and anecdotal testimonials) is to:

  • Deliver it transdermally (i.e. rub on to dry skin on the arms, shoulders, or stomach until dry)

But that’s not all. Absorption and bioavailability of laxogenin is dramatically increased when…

Breakthrough Liposomal Delivery System Uses NanoScale Science to Nourish Cells

Bioavailability is key for supplements and functional foods and related health claims. Many factors affect bioavailability—including digestive problems, low stomach acid, low uptake of a nutrient.

Enter Liposomes. Liposomes are tiny phospholipid bubbles with a bilayer structure very similar to that of our cell membranes. Liposomes turn out to be ideal carriers for therapeutic molecules like laxogenin, highly effective at delivering nutrients directly into the cell. Liposomes are highly biocompatible, and they are capable of holding either water-soluble or fat-soluble molecules.

Liposomal nutraceuticals and health supplements offer many benefits over typical oral formulations. These include:
  • High bioavailability and absorption and increased uptake in cells
  • Protecting nutrients against the harsh environment of the GI tract
Liposomal delivery systems are becoming increasingly popular for nutraceuticals because they protect these therapeutic molecules from breakdown in the digestive system. In cell culture studies, liposomes can increase intracellular delivery 100-fold over non-liposomal delivery.

Most laxogenin products out in the market today are oral supplements which don’t allow laxogenin to reach the target tissue of action and hence, they fail to benefit the users as expected.

On the other hand, a laxogenin product like AndroGenin (being offered by the trusted supplement website Golden Era Muscle) utilise liposomal cream to take advantage of liposomal delivery system & transdermal delivery for allowing maximal benefits of laxogenin
to laxogenin users.

Laxogenin is an all-natural ingredient that isn’t liver-toxic like its synthetic, expensive & illegal steroid counter-part Anavar. After using Laxogenin, you don’t need a PCT, as it doesn’t affect your body’s natural hormonal balance like prohormone & steroids.

If you want to boost your muscle-strength naturally for increasing your number of reps and want to keep your strength & hard-earned muscle gains when you’re off-cycle, a product like AndroGenin must seem an obvious choice for you.

In October 2018, Golden Era Muscle is running a discount campaign on a series of their flagship bodybuilding products including AndroGenin, which is all-natural potent laxogenin in liposomal cream form. You can order your bottle of AndroGenin from their website. To check-out the product page….

Note: Internet is full of disingenuous & adulterated laxogenin products that are at best, a waste of money. While buying supplements online, it is common sense to stick to trusted companies & websites (like Golden-Era Muscle).
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