9 Life-Changing “Laws Of Lean”

Gathered From The Kings Of Bodybuilding

January 18th, 2019 - Michael-John Wolfe
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The ultimate goal of bodybuilding and working out is to get ripped. That involves firstly packing on pounds of muscle with a consistent workout routine focuses on heavy weights.

But it also involves becoming really lean at some point. In order to get to SEE your muscles, and gain the kind of vascularity and body-builder looks we are all shooting for – you need to embrace these “9 laws of lean” in everything you do.

Gathered from elite bodybuilders over generations, if you follow them, you will lose fat and keep your hard-earned muscle at the same time.

#1 – Know Your Baseline

In order to lose weight and become super lean and ripped, you will need to be able to reduce the amount you eat. BUT, in order to do that, you’ll need to know your maintenance calories on an average day NOW – so that you can reduce it.

Simply begin taking a food journal (or using a handy app like MyFitnessPal) of what you eat from day to day, keeping careful notes. Counting calories and macros is not always an exact science, but it will give you some idea of how to perfectly dial in your diet, and then you’ll always have the experience and notes to look back to in the future.

Doing so will help you perfect your bulking and cutting cycle and help you make progress faster than everyone who always does it on the fly.

Ok, what’s law #2?

#2 – Eat Voluminously

Yes, you will want to eat low-calorie, high volume foods that will fill you up. This is very important. You may not feel hungry when you first start the diet, but eventually it will hit, and the ones who do it right from the outset will outlast the ones who get hungry early and have a blowout cheat.

Foods that are low in calories and high in volume include vegetables (we’ll get to them in a second) and even eggs. Egg whites expand if you beat them – so beat those eggs and eat for VOLUME.

Another great pointer here is to drink a lot of water. Not only does it contribute to the volume in your stomach, but it helps your body with every process related to fat loss. Think of it this way… your car would run perfectly if you changed the oil every day, right? While that is impractical, rehydrating your body every day is easy, and it provides the same benefits – a perfectly fueled and primed body.

#3 – Eat More Vegetables!

Okay, we just mentioned veggies… why again? Vegetables needed their own law because are the ultimate high volume and low-calorie foods. Why? Because they contain so many nutrients! The exact kind of micro nutrients that your body needs to survive “the lean times” and function optimally.

They contain a lot of nitrous oxide, vitamins and minerals, and even a significant amount of protein.

Stay fuller, stay healthier, stay primed to preserve muscle and get lean.

Moving on…

#4 – Eat Fewer Meals

Now this advice is counter-intuitive. But studies show that grazing is not a good idea while you are on a diet. There are two reasons why.

First, when you graze, your body never fully stops digesting food, and therefore it never actually goes into peak fat-burning mode. When you have plenty of space between meals, it has a chance to stop digesting food and begin using fat as energy, hence why ketosis is reached much more quickly in a fasted state.

Secondly, satiety – the measure of how “full” you feel after eating has little to do with the number of times you eat, and more to do with how much you eat. In other words, the size of your meal.

You might consider trying intermittent fasting, or simply reducing the number of meals you have per day (skipping breakfast altogether is a great way to do this). Soon, the fast will become easy, and you’ll get to experience maximum fullness on a calorie deficit every day.

#5 – Remove Temptation

Here’s a law that will serve you well: Prepare your environment according to your goals; don’t think you can reach your goals no matter the environment.

For example, if you want to focus and get some work or studying done, you wouldn’t purposely open distractions for yourself, would you? So why would you leave food distractions and temptations around the house for yourself?

The best way to not make mistakes is to eliminate any possibility of them happening in the first place. You have to get rid of all of those snacks you have hanging around, because they are only leading to more temptation, and even if you don’t cave, you’re still wasting mental energy every time you resist. Why make things more difficult for yourself?

The best way to control your temptation? Control your diet at the grocery store. Simply have a plan with a list. Get what’s on your list and nothing else

It’s all about preparation. Just like you might meal prep, you need to “environment prep” to keep any distractions or temptations out of the picture.

#6 – Lift Heavy

Your strength may not be going up as much when you’re eating less, but make no mistake, your lifting performance is monumentally huge when cutting. Why?

Because you don’t want to lose any of that lean mass you worked so hard to put on in the first place. Have you ever seen someone who bulks and the cuts and looks almost exactly the same as when they started?

It’s because they couldn’t maintain their muscle on a cut. Don’t be that person!

Follow our laws from earlier in this article and eat foods high in nutrients to always have the energy to keep your lifting intensity high for every session.

#7 – Increase Every Type of Activity (Not Just Exercise)

Being lean is a lifestyle, not just a look. You’ve got to commit to living a life where you expend more calories in everything you do. By doing that, you raise your caloric needs and burn fat all day long. Some choices?

  • Get a standing desk
  • Park farther away whenever you go anywhere so you can walk further
  • Take the stairs
  • Take a walk during your break at work
  • Walk or ride your bike to the store

These are light enough cardio to put you in the fat-burning zone without reaching catabolism (loss of muscle mass).

#8 Visualize Your Success

Arnold always talked about the mind-muscle connection. He would focus on every rep to form neural connections in his brain that would allow him to move weight more efficiently.

But it goes even beyond that.

In order to be successful, you have to believe that you can be successful. And that is 100% mental. Always remember this… you gravitate toward what you constantly affix your mind to.

So, imagine what you will look like when you are lean. Imagine slowly going through the stages to a leaner body, successfully and without hiccups.

#9 Be Realistic

Unfortunately, you can’t control every outcome, and your cut will not be over next week. Do not go into your cut with a perfectionist/unrealistic mindset. Do some research and find a reasonable goal for yourself. It’s truly all about being realistic, patient and persistent.

Find people who have similar genetics to you or have the same size/experience as you do and draw up some goals based on what you see. Set an attainable goal and go at it hard all the way until the end. Often, if you put your head down and do the work, you’ll surpass the goal you set anyway!

On Your Way To A Golden Era Body

If you can follow each of these 9 laws, you are absolutely assured of success in your journey to get cut.

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