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Hey! Do you ship to X country?

Sure we can! We don't have local sellers worldwide yet, but you can buy our products on our website with shipping from the US.

This without leaving your house! We have sent a lot of orders across the world without problems. Restrictions and customs charges can apply in some countries.... so be aware of your local laws before ordering.

I ordered all three stacks of your product, what is the proper order of use?

Which is first-second-third? Or are they all applied at different times of the day?

When are the supplements taken?

All products are designed to benefit each other when taken simultaneously, however even with this approach it is recommend to order extra Muscle Support Stack to take continue taking after your Alpha Test / Epi Test Max cycle is finished.....

Otherwise, you can use the Alpha Test Stack (Epi Test MAX / Methyl Test) and the Anabolic Shred (AndroGenin / CLEN-XT50) as a Phase 1. You can use both at the same time if you want to!

After finishing using it, it is recommended to use the Muscle Support Stack (Arimidione / Cycle Support). Arimidione will help to boost your natural testosterone levels so that you feel really good and optimize your body into an anabolic environment to support the new muscle gain.

This will normalize and optimize your hormones for maximum muscle gain and results. The recommended way for using each our products is applying one pump morning and one pump afternoon.

Also, you must take 1 or 2 pills in the morning, it depends of the bottle/stack.

Are These Steroids?

Our products are a safer and more natural alternative to the powerful steroids.

They mimic the effects but are in fact, powerful pro-hormones.

Our products will improve stamina, strength, size, fat loss, and libido. Also helps boost your natural testosterone levels and increase nitrogen retention so that your body will be far more efficient at metabolizing protein and burning fat!

Just wanted to know... What are the principal effect of each stack?

Alpha Test Stack is optimized and formulated for maximum muscle gain, hardness, and strength. Perfect for any bulk or cut!

Anabolic Shred Stack is optimized to get you absolutely shredded, without losing an ounce of muscle due to Anabolic Formula in Androgenin, which has been compared to Anavar, an illegal steroid.

Muscle Support Stack is intended as a PCT for both stacks, or as a hormone optimizer, as it will normalize your hormones to promote an anabolic environment that is high in testosterone and low in estrogen.

MK Tropin Stack is optimized to promote the secretion and increase of the growth hormone levels by mimicking the action of the hormone ghrelin in the brain. This increase muscle mass, muscle strength, and reduce body fat. Also, it will improve sleep quality and duration. Recommended for recover from those high intense workouts/routine.

Rad Mass Stack is optimized to work on the receptors in the bones and muscles of your body in a similar way to a testosterone injection while being 40% more anabolic than testosterone. This helps to increase muscle mass along with improving recovery, raising motivation and drive, and even boosting strength directly. Recommended for bulking and putting on size.

Does Alpha Test Stack needs a PCT?

It does not require PCT but we highly recommend the Muscle Support Stack after an Alpha Test Stack to ensure all gains are maintained once cycled off the Alpha Test Stack, and to ensure your hormones are optimized for future muscle gains.

I received an empty bottle, there's nothing in it! What happened?

Unfortunately, problems can occasionally occur with tubeless bottle technology .

The product works by an airless pump action. This is designed so the user can get the most out of the product, however, sometimes the product does need a little help in being dispensed.

Most likely there is a negative pressure inside the pump and may take up to 50 pumps to release and start working. This may occur due to the pressurization of the aircraft in the shipment of your order.

My X bottle only dispensed like 3 or 4 pumps. Is there something I can do?

Please slowly push the pump down and while the pump is still pushed down, place your finger over the nozzle.

While your finger is covering the nozzle, slowly release the pump back up (ensure your finger is completely covering the nozzle, as this will act as a vacuum to bring the product up to the spout).

You may need to repeat this process a few times and the cream/serum should start to dispense.

I'm using X medicine or currently going through medical treatment. Can I use your products?

Our products doesn't have reported side effects to this date, but you must ask your doctor first, because they will give you a boost on your conditions.

They will improve your stamina, strength, size, fat loss, libido and your testosterone levels.

Will your cream damage or affect tattoos?

No! There will be no issues using it over your tattoos!

Is this a one time purchase or is this an automatic refill program where I will be billed monthly?

When you buy on our store, it is one time charge as usual. There aren't hidden transactions or fees outside of your orders.

How many pumps are there in one tube? How long should each bottle last?

Every bottle should last you 90 pumps, so roughly 1.5 months depending on dosage.

Do your stacks appears as positive on a drug test?

Our products shouldn't test positive as the active ingredients are precursors so it will appear natural, but we can't 100% assure that everyone's body will react the exact same way. We aren't WADA certified, you should check with the agency for approval.

I've seen different instructions for each stack? Why is that?

Everyone has different goals, different stack combinations, and different experience levels, so it's tough to give a one size fits all routine. We also recommend to experiment a bit to see what works best for you.


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