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Well, you already know that steroids can give you massive gains and these gains are very important when it comes to bodybuilding and competitive sports. Steroids have so many side effects that outweigh their benefits. This being said, many professional athletes and bodybuilders have turned to Epi-Andro ( 3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one) to help them beef up without the nasty side effect of steroids.
Epi-Andro ( 3β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one) is a very powerful steroidal hormone with androgenic properties. This natural anabolic can help you reach your full potential. But before anyone decides to take Epi-Andro, they should know the ins and outs of this powerful legal steroid.


Epi-Andro, which is short for Epiandrosterone, was discovered nearly seven decades ago. At the time, researchers were able to find a small percentage of crystalline androsterone in mammals.

During the bodybuilding boom in the 1990s, the compound became more popular because of the unique advantages and qualities for those looking to make a difference with their bodies. The hardcore bodybuilding scene took off while using this compound and the results became evident.

As with most anabolics, Epi-Andro losses potency when consumed orally. This is where Massterone changes the game. We have combined Epi-Sterone (the most pure and potent form of Epi-Andro) with our pharmaceutical grade liposomal cream. The unique and technologically advanced cream is compounded with the Epi-Andro using state of the art technology. This allow the Epi-Andro particles to be broken down to the smallest size possible which will take the absorption rate to levels never seen before. This makes each 200 mg dose of Massterone more potent than anything on the market.


Now the part you’ve really been waiting for…what kind of measurable benefits will you get from using Epi Andro?

The patent application for Epi-Andro has listed quite a few remarkable benefits, including:

The list of benefits you are likely to experience while cycling with this powerful anabolic prohormone is quite long and very convincing, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this compound after going through it.

So without any further delay, let’s start off:

  • It leads to unbelievable increases in your strength levels and keeps you energized during workouts. In this way, it helps you train harder for longer durations.
  • By converting into DHT, it helps in muscle-building and ensures that you’re getting the maximum benefits from your workouts during the cycle.
  • It leads to dry gains which are way easier to maintain than wet gains.
  • It cuts down all the excess fat and enhances your overall muscular look.
  • It binds with a hormone called globulin and by doing so it in increases the ratio of free testosterone in the body. Note here that testosterone is the hormone that plays a vital role in muscle building and maintaining gains.
  • It reduces all water retention in the body, so you know that the enhanced muscular look is due to actual muscle gains and not water.
  • It leads to increased muscle hardness.
  • It blocks estrogen and by doing so reduces the estrogen level in body. In this way it saves its users from all the nasty side effects such as gyno, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. So you don’t need worry about having women-like breasts while cycling with this anabolic designer steroid.
  • It is totally legal.
  • It is an oral steroid so no pricking! And no pain! This is one of the key reasons why bodybuilders prefer Epi-Andro over other prohormones that have to be injected.
All these benefits make Epi-Andro a great product and a must have in your bodybuilding arsenal.


While there hasn’t been a conclusive dose established for laxogenin by researchers, anecdotal reports point to needing 50-100mg per day to really see noticeable size, strength, and recovery gains from it. For this reason, Golden Era Muscle has included an impressive 200mg per daily serving of pure Epi-Andro in Massterone, the highest dose of any Epi-Andro supplement on the market!

allows you to experience the true power of Epi-Andro by using state of the art compounding technology, full dosage, and an affordable price. Other Epi-Andro supplements are plagued by low doses or outrageous price tags, and poor absorption. Each serving delivers a full 200mg dose of Epi-Andro!

Apply nickel sized amount of cream topically to wrist 1-2 times daily. Use twice a day for maximum results

"For athletes looking to forego the hormonal supplements route and maintain their natty status, Epi-Andro is a prime choice to bust plateaus and keep the gains rolling. It brings everything an athlete could want -- size, strength, recovery, performance, etc."

- Fit Academy Reviews