America's top bodybuilding doctor reveals the new, perfect formula to avoid excess estrogen

Excess estrogen snatches your manhood, bit by bit.

Deal with it before that happens.

It will decrease your libido. (you will start missing your morning-wood), you will start feeling bloated, your testosterone will crash, and then your man-boobs will start taking shape.
Sounds like a nightmare for any heterosexual man, right?

The lack of awareness on this issue has resulted in many men realizing the problem too late and had no way out of gynecomastia(the condition of getting man-boobs) other than surgery.

The best way to deal with any medical issue is by getting yourself educated on it. But when the stakes are this high and your manhood is on the stake, you don’t want to rely on bro-science and online forums.

You want to listen to the real doctors who have both the expertise on and experience of dealing with the problem of excess estrogen in men during and after Testosterone Replacement Therapy(TRT) or on cycle.

If you do not care about getting man-boobs, having your sex-drive crashed to the point of erectile-dysfunction (or if you’re an asexual) and if you are easily convinced by the psuedo-solutions given on forums, then this revealing guide is not for you. You should stop reading this here.

However, if you are a man who really cares about keeping his front-look masculine, if you care about maintaining your sharp libido and if you want to hear straight from real doctors on what matters and what works, then keep reading, you’re the reader this guide has been written for.

Alright, if you are still reading, let’s get to the root of the issue of excess estrogen and find out from the real experts how you can nip it right in the bud (no pun intended).

Jay Cutler, the four-time Mr. Olympia winner(2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010), interviewed Dr. Todd Seamons, the ‘performance sports & rejuvenation’ expert, in March 2018.

Dr. McClain emphasizes the importance of not waiting until you have visible man-boobs and act early on controlling high-estrogen levels. He says, "When you catch it early, the gynecomastia will reverse.....In my experience, if you see something you feel is the size of a marble, when you extract it, it's probably the size of a golf ball."

What do other Top Doctors say about this?

Dr. Rand McClain is a veteran plastic surgeon, specializing in the needs of bodybuilding and fitness and is an expert on the effects of hormones with diet, supplements & training. After having worked on (or seen) more than 800 cases of gynecomastia in his career, he warns that the early signs of excess-estrogen like water-weight ‘muscle gains’ and moodiness should not be ignored.

What happens with the testosterone not utilized in the body?

Dr. Rand McClain, (who I mentioned above), is among the crop of top ‘performance sports & rejuvenation medicine’ doctors in United States today and most professional bodybuilders regularly listen to what he says. He earned his medical degree at Western University and is based in Santa Monica, California. He has worked with some of the best and original innovators in Sports, Rejuvenative, Regenerative (Anti-Aging) & Cosmetic Medicine.

Dr. McClain has assisted in several gynecomastia(man-boobs) surgeries and currently advises bodybuilders on dealing with the issue of avoiding and curing the devastating effects that excess estrogen has on men’s physique & libido.
In an advising session on Muscle Secrets Ask the Doc series, he explains:

“Estrogen is made from testosterone being converted. If you are boosting extra testosterone into your body, it's gonna take a while before it is broken down and passed into the bloodstream.

You don't want that free-floating testosterone to get converted into estrogen, causing man-boobs and making you feel bloated and moody.”

He advises on keeping a watch on your hormone levels, including Estrogen.

"Everyone needs to get bloodwork done periodically to make sure your levels are where they need to be for many things. Don't wait until you have symptoms. Stop something BEFORE it becomes a problem."

Now that you know the importance of it, naturally you would want to…

Deal with the excess estrogen nightmare right now

I consumed a lot of material on this from countless sources: science articles, interviews and research studies. Let me explain it to you in simple English.

Why do men produce (small quantities) estrogen?

Male bodies need small quantity of estrogen to balance with testosterone to keep body’s systems functioning well. Estrogen in men helps with:

  • Bone Density
  • Fat Regulation
  • Sex Drive
  • Fights Diabetes
  • Fights cardio-vascular disease

How to avoid man-boobs and other female-traits caused by high estrogen while taking extra testosterone?

There are mainly two effective ways, available in 2018:

Using Aromatase Inhibitors(AI):

To convert into estrogen, testosterone needs to bind to an enzyme called aromatase. If you’re boosting extra testosterone in your body and want to stop it from converting to estrogen….causing all the nasty female-ness in you, use an Aromatase Inhibitor(AI).

It binds itself to the aromatase enzyme like a real-hard motherfucker and tells the free testosterone that comes for converting to estrogen: “Sorry to disappoint man, but this seat is.. well,...taken.”
Now, that free testosterone has no choice but to do some masculine work, like getting them pumps.

Using Estrogen-Blockers:

Estrogen after being created needs to get on its work like making your nipples puffy. For that it goes to estrogen-receptors. What estrogen-blockers do is, block the gate there and this poor excess estrogen now will keep floating doing nothing.

Their fancy name is SERM: Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators(two common ones: Chlomid & Nolvadex).

Now naturally, you’d want to ask…

But which one is the right choice?

You will get confusing suggestions on online forums, so let’s hear it from the Top Doc (who looks a bit like the American version of Arnold Schwarzenegger) :
"I am not a big fan of blocking estrogen, meaning at the receptor level (what estrogen blockers like tamoxifen, chlomid & nolvadex do).

Letting it be created... it doesn't make sense to me, if you're replacing testosterone to allow it to convert to something [estrogen] you don't too much of anyway. The very thing you are inputting exogenously... the testosterone, you want to keep that from being converted[to estrogen], much more elegant way to doing it right? you keep your testosterone.

..and Who knows if tamoxifen [an Estrogen-Blocker] is blocking all the receptors? To me, it's much safer to focus on [keeping estrogen level] at that sweet spot (natural level)."

If you are a bodybuilder or looking to improve your fitness, you want to get on an aromatase inhibitor to keep your physique and testosterone in check
I agree whole-heartedly with Dr. McClain as I always stick to ‘Prevention is better than cure’ advice.

If you agree as well and if you are still reading this, you are among the men who care about the aesthetics of your physique and healthiness of your masculine drive. The nightmare of man-boobs or bitch-tits, (whatever you call ‘em).. it’s an unfortunate condition and no masculine man should be subjected to this cosmetic embarrassment & physical pain.

Dr. McClain empathizes, “It's a cosmetics issue obviously but for a lot of us, it's a pain issue as well. When it's activated by estrogen, you just bump it and ..."oh my god, it hurts".

And of course, there are multiple Aromatase inhibitors available today. If you are considering an AI to keep your estrogen level controlled in the healthy range, either while starting your TRT, on cycle or during your Post-cycle Therapy(PCT), you would have to do a lot of research to come to a conclusion on the one AI, that works best.

What if I told you, I have done this research, once and for all (so that you don’t have to go through the exhausting research again). I have condensed the crux of my research to give you only….

The crucial facts you need to know before choosing the best Aromatase Inhibitor(AI):

The above table makes it clear that suicidal AIs are much more effective in dealing with the problem of excess-estrogen for a bodybuilder and do not carry the side-effect of estrogen-rebound afterwards.

But among the two most popular suicidal AIs, is there a difference between arimistane and aromasin? Do they work the same?

An extremely important caution that you must heed is that…..

You don’t want to crash your estrogen, either

Aromasin is a strong suicidal-AI and there are reports all over the online forums of it crashing their estrogen level. While that doesn’t happen to everyone who takes aromasin, it has a high-chance of getting their estrogen level too-low. If you remember in the first-half, we talked about how natural level of estrogen is important for many vital functions in your body.

The goal of using an AI is Estrogen reduction and controlling Estrogen level rather than Estrogen elimination. Aromasin can crash your estrogen suddenly to more than 85%.

What happens when you crash your estrogen levels to too-low:
  • Joint & Bone Pain: The right amount of estrogen is needed for the retention of bone mineral content to strengthen your bones.
  • Negative effects on cholesterol: When estrogen goes too-low from the natural level, it can’t assist in cholesterol balance: good cholesterol(HDL) decreases & bad cholesterol(LDL) increase, creating higher-risk for cardio-vascular disease (heart-attack).
  • More fatigue: Estrogen plays a key role in the functioning of Central Nervous System(CNS). Among anabolic steroid users that reduce their Estrogen levels too-low, persistent fatigue is a common problem.
Arimistane, on the other hand is a mild suicidal-AI and doesn’t crash your estrogen-levels but bring it down the optimum level that a male body needs. If you conclude the information above, that means, that Arimistane will give you:
  • Effective Prevention from Man-boobs: (and other female traits of body-fat distribution) during and after the testosterone-boost in your body.
  • Keep your Sex-Drive and Testosterone high: you won’t have to miss your morning-woods and your libido stays sharp for all the action.
  • High-Control on your Estrogen Levels: Unlike Aromasin, when using Arimistane, you have high-control on keeping/bringing your estrogen to the optimum level, not crashing it (too-low estrogen means joints’ pain, fatigue & higher-chance of a stroke).

  • No Side-effect of Estrogen-Rebound: Non-suicidal AIs like arimidex and letrozole are temporary solutions and estrogen levels go back high after you stop using them. Arimistane binds permanently so excess-estrogen will not return even after you stop using it.
  • No Prescription or Doctor’s visit required (Legal and Safe): That explains Arimistane’s rapidly growing popularity: It is legal, safe, effective and you can avoid the hassle of getting a prescription and no doctor’s visit is required.
  • Affordable and Available Online: Arimistane is available for purchase online, so you can order it from home and it is very affordable given how valuable & effective it really is.

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