3 POWERFUL Old School Training Techniques from the 80s.

by Jared Van Yperen | 03/15/2019
No doubt you are reading this because you are interested in building big muscle. You’re probably tired of all the conflicting information out there, all the fad diets, and all the unhelpful opinions in forums.

We all know that half of the fitness trends that come and go area a big waste of time. Balancing on a Bosu ball on one foot might look great on Instagram but it doesn’t build muscle! Unfortunately, too many people follow bad advice and end up coming away with nothing to show for it.

The most frustrating part of all this, is that there is already a proven method for building muscle. A blueprint if you will.

And that is simply to follow the same training protocols as the golden era bodybuilders. We’re talking the likes of Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, and yes – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These guys were HUGE and still incredibly ripped. Not only that, but they managed to do all this before steroid use was as prevalent (it was around, just not to the extent that it is today).

These guys didn’t do CrossFit. They didn’t have half the equipment we have. But it worked.

And it STILL works.

People like to make things more complicated than they need to be! Read through this page and we’ll blow the lid off this thing.

1. Lift HEAVY like Franco

Many of us think of bodybuilders as developing muscle that is more for ‘show’ than actually lifting heavy. Especially in the golden era, before anyone had even uttered the word ‘functional’.

But Franco Columbu proves the naysayers wrong. Here was a guy who could burst hot water bottles by blowing into them! And who could forget the famous scene where he lifted the back of his Dad’s car to help him parallel park?

So how do you get that kind of strength?

Simple: you lift heavy.

Columbu used high rep ranges and intensity techniques, yes (he was Arnie’s training buddy, after all!) but he also was known to lift heavy when the occasion called for it. He reportedly managed a 750lb deadlift at one point!

If nothing else, learning to lift heavy means you can use more weight when performing those drop sets. And it means you can trigger a greater hormonal response. It means you can thicken muscle fiber and tendon strength.

So don’t feel like you can only lift a certain way. True gains come when you mix it up, and for some of us: that means lifting heavy!

2. Use Supersets Like Arnie – Build Muscle Like the King Himself!

While the face of bodybuilding might have changed a whole lot since the golden era, Arnie is still considered by many to be the king. This is partly due to his larger-than-life personality, and partly due to his balance of size and definition.

One tool he used to get there? Supersets.

Supersets are a form of intensity technique that comes from Joe Weider’s ‘Weider Principles’, collected by observing the very best bodybuilders. They essentially involve performing two (or more) exercises back to back. This might mean training complementary muscle groups (pecs and triceps), antagonistic muscle groups (biceps and triceps), or the same muscle group twice (triceps and… err… triceps).

This reduces the amount of time you spend waiting around between sets, it allows you to benefit from ‘muscle irradiation’, and it ultimately allows for a lot more pump, in a shorter space of time.

This is a technique that anyone can use in order to fit more actual work into their workouts, and thereby see more growth.

3. Serge Nubret’s Unique Approach to Crazy Delts

As one of the poster boys for the golden age of bodybuilding, Serge Nubret is considered by many to have possessed a near-ideal physique. Whether you prefer those classic ideals though, or the sheer MASS of the modern age, it’s impossible to deny just how impressive Nubret’s shoulders were.

These delts were a huge part of what made Nubret’s physique stand out, as well as what balanced and emphasized all his other features. It was a clear focus, and the way he approached this might shock you.

The first surprise? Serge would train for an insane five hours a day. He believed that there was no need for a ‘special diet’ if you trained long and hard enough, and that same approach also applied to his shoulders.

And that ‘more is more’ approach also applied to the way those workouts were designed. Every exercise would involve six or more sets of twelve. He’d therefore use a 20RM weight for the first set, but would always stop short of complete failure – a slightly different approach to many bodybuilders of the day. What he did aim to do though, was to maintain pump for the entire session.

This also actually helped him to achieve such intensity and volume. Because he never pushed himself to failure, he was never at risk of burning out his central nervous system.

Want To Build Muscle? Time To Get Serious!

I hope that over the last few paragraphs, I’ve helped you to understand why the tried and tested principles used by golden-age bodybuilders still work – and why they’re superior to all these new fads and trends.

The rest is up to you – do your own research and look up those principles, you’ll find they make ALL the difference.

The other key to success though is your diet, nutrition, and supplementation. Remember: muscle building is biphasic!

So that’s why you’ve got to eat lots of protein, and then use some kind of stack to ensure that it gets turned to muscle and that you chip away at the fat.

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One day you’ll take a look in the mirror and feel like it’s Sergio or Arnie smiling back at you.

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