Now Men Have an Unfair Advantage
Getting Back in the Gym
(UPDATE: May 2019)

Posted at 11:00 - 27th July - George Mitchell - Review

If you are keen to bulk up or if you need to get ripped, we all want to get a little help from our supplements.

But there is such an enormous range of products out there that finding the ones that will give the best results can be a challenge, to say the least.

There is a lot of hype around Golden Era supplements at the moment and as an experienced gym-goer, I decided to try them out…

Getting that unfair advantage?

Now, everyone has different goals for their fitness routine, depending on where they are.

Some people want to bulk up and gain as much muscle mass as possible

Some people want to burn fat to get ripped

Maybe you want to boost your energy level, create a balanced mindset or just improve your overall workout performance.

..and some people just want all of the above (and more).

I was one of these people! I wanted to build muscle, lose fat and get some extra energy for my workouts and my life. I found that this was all possible with roids but the nasty side effects, legal issues and post-cycle therapy really didn’t appeal to me.

I wanted something safe and healthy so ilegalroids were out of the question!

I did hours and hours of research and Golden Era Muscle reviews always seemed good but I was skeptical.

It was one of their promotional offers that really tempted me into trying them out.

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My Review of Alpha TEST

"This REALLY works! I started off with 2 squirts for the first 6 days and had to cut back to 1. The 2 squirts had the equivalent effect of the 200 units of testosterone injections I used to take every 5 days. I'm frankly amazed."

- Joe D. (Golden Era Customer) -

To be honest, I was struggling in the gym. I seemed to have hit the famous plateau that a lot of people reach. I couldn’t lift any more weight than I was and I wasn’t seeing much progress in the mirror either.

It’s really discouraging when you try your best in the gym but feel like you aren’t making progress. I see why some people just quit!

So, I first decided to try their Alpha stack from here and hoped that this would bring me some better results than I had previously.

So on the first day of taking epi-test I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It wasn’t the best day to start trying out a new supplement. I had a bad day at work and was pretty tired.

So I hit the gym anyway I did my usual workout routine but I noticed that something felt different…

I felt less tired and found my workout easier than I had for the last few weeks. Only last week I was struggling to do 8 reps on bicep curls and now I smashed 12 reps out easily.

I would best describe it as feeling more POWERFUL and EXPLOSIVE.

"Felt like my muscle were awake rather than struggling"

It felt like my muscle were awake rather than struggling to lift the same weight week after week.

As I completed my workout, the pump was kinda crazy (excuse the pun).
After a couple more days, I noticed a lot of other changes:

I could wake up and get out of bed easily. I would struggle with this in the past, especially the morning after a workout.

I had more energy during the day and I was always in a good mood.

I just felt strong and jacked

I felt like I could work out for hours if I wanted to.

Every workout I was lifting heavier and heavier weights. People starting asking me what I was taking (hence I have written this review).

After Bulking, I Decided To Get Ripped

After 12 weeks of gaining some crazy strength and muscle. I realized that my diet was far from perfect…

I noticed that I had gained some fat too!

Previous attempts at trying to cut down to show my abs had not worked well for me. I was always:

Constantly hungry
Constantly tired
Got sick of seeing very little fat coming off

But I made the decision that I needed to burn off this excess fat regardless.

It made sense that I went and tried out the Anabolic Shred stack found here.

"On week 3 love this stuff 65 years old and all my strengths have improved in all areas use right and eat right you will get great results"

- Phillip A (Golden Era Customer) -

I reduced my calorific intake slightly and soon the fat seemed to just start falling off.

The great part is that I don’t feel like I lost any strength or muscle either.

I never thought that I would have abs to show off but I got them for the first time in my life.

I originally intended to cut for 4 weeks but after just 3 weeks I was more ripped than I actually intended to be (see the pic below).

These supplements and some intense workout sessions have really led to some life-changing results.

I’ve been buying a lot more of these supplements recently and I noticed that they sometimes have sales on so check out the button below…

Final Thoughts

"Golden Era Muscle isn't exactly the most popular brand out there... However, there has to be praise where it's due, and their Alpha Test Stack is definitely worthy of it.

The price tag has been significantly dropped (it stands below $100 at the moment) which makes it one of the best anabolic growth agents out there as far as value for money is concerned."

- Frank Mitchel -

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