XT-01 Is A Nootropic:
n, adj: dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions, such as memory, mental speed, and focus.



Remove Brain Fog

By far the biggest focus on XT-01 is clearing the mind of “brain fog” which is caused by poor delivery of nutrients to the most advanced computer ever made : The Human Brain. XT-01 expands nutrient delivery so this computer can work at 100%

Protect Brain

Stress is a massive culprit in lack of focus, poor work and memory. Your brain actively loses the ability to focus throughout the day as it becomes exhausted from stress. XT-01 directly combats and protects against this..

Clean Energy Boost

At Spekter we hate jitters and “over energy”. You are trying to get work done not go to a rave after all. XT-01 gives you clean calm alert energy unlike energy drinks and other supplements which cause performance lowering jitters and over stimulation. .


Working Memory Increase

Working memory is your brains ability to focus and take in information quickly and keep it in focus. This is essentially all you are doing when working, building one thing upon another. XT-01 helps keep your brain organized and your working memory clear.


Powerful Focus

XT-01 does a lot of things, above all the focus here is on IRON FOCUS. XT-01 has a unique blend that allows you to benefit from the cleanest calmest clearest focus possible without memory killing over stimulation or stress causing jitters..

How XT-01 Optimizes You

XT-01 may help you keep attention on what your doing and manage complex tasks. XT-01 ingredients are shown to help improve your mental sharpness and allow you to work, focus, and think longer. Whether it is a work project, creative thinking, or even a gaming competition, taking XT-01 is like another gear for your brain.