Using Dropsets to Stimulate Incredible Muscle Growth

Drop sets will have a fantastic effect on your training routine once you now how to use them properly. They can be integrated into any training pattern and work no matter what body part you are training, it works just as well for bashing your biceps as it does for concentrating on your calf muscles.

The same applies if you were using a weight training machine such as the Pec Flye, you just need to reach down and change the securing pin to the new weight.

I love drop sets and include them on a regular basis in my workouts, at least once a week on one exercise per body part.

For example, if I am doing a bicep workout, on the final exercise and final set for biceps I will do a drop set.

Later in the week when I am working Quads, on the final exercise and final set I will complete a drop set.

Drop sets work differently to the rest-pause method of training because completing drop sets will increase strength and density of the muscle where as rest-pause will stimulate growth.

I believe that it is vitally important to concentrate on both size and strength when you train.

The stronger your muscles are the more you will be able to push them when you concentrate on size exercises, makes sense to me?

Drop sets are completed on your final set when you have worked that muscle to failure. Once you complete the final rep you have a 30 second break, drop the weight and continue to failure.

On completion of those exercises you take another 30 second break, drop the weight and continue to failure.

That is it, because you are dropping the weight each time and pushing out more reps the exercises will stimulate strength rather than growth.

You can keep dropping the weight for as long as you wish but I think that 2 to 3 drop sets will be sufficient for any training routine. add a drop set or two next time you train to see how great and simple they are to integrate into any muscle building routine.

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